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It’s a 2 component, low yellowing, PU-acrylic lacquer for the treatment of wooden interior surfaces. It develops excellent levels of protection to scratch and abrasion of traditional wooden surfaces, already sanded or to be restored, thanks to the extreme superficial hardness. The highest performances for all interior furniture. Its special formulation avoids undesired polishing-effects that are typical on very matt finishings.


Code 41002K + 4100K – 6 x ( 1Lt + 200ml )
Code 41022K + 4102K – 2 x ( 5Lt + 1Lt )

Способ применения

Apply on a smooth and clean surface, free from oil, grease, wax, silicone or old lacquers residuals.

For applications by roller on large areas take care to dilute the catalyzed product with 50% of DPR014 Retarding thinner.

Apply for a minimum of two coats, by spray or by roller, each at 80-100 g/m2 rate, depending to the desired touch finish.

After 12 hrs sand carefully with sandpaper grit 220, aspire all the dust and remove eventual residuals with an antistatic cloth. Then apply the second layer.