2 880  руб.

количество товара в наличии уточняем у менеджера

Артикул: BORMA-NAT3630


Special primer, developed for the treatment of wooden houses. NATURAQUA BORMA SHIELD prevents efficiently the attack of moulds, mushrooms, insects and similar during the period of building, in which the house is left without a proper finishing. After a common period of a season, NATURAQUA BORMA SHIELD is exhausted, but the wood has kept protected, with its original colour, and sufficiently saturated to avoid need of basecoat in excess. With this product, the wood can dry properly and reach its final volume without been wasted by weathering. Suitable for raw log houses, cleaned log houses, wooden boards, decks, etc. Easy application.  Waterborne, it hasn’t vapours affecting human health and allows application under pressure.


Cod. NAT3630   06 x 1 Lt

Code NAT3631   02 x 5 Lt

Code NAT3632   1 x 10 Lt

Code NAT3633   1 x 20 Lt

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