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Артикул: BORMA-4951-HW.PLS Категории: ,
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Natural oil based treatment, reinforced with high quality resins and waxes, for the finishing of wood floors, with the application of one or two coatings. It lovingly restores wood to its original beauty with a pleasant natural finish. Usage: Interior


Code 4951-HW.PLS – 6 x 1Lt
Code 4952-HW.PLS – 2 x 5Lt
Code 4953-HW.PLS – 1 x 10Lt
Code 4954-HW.PLS – 1 x 20Lt


Способ применения

Suitable for soft and hard timbers, in particular for adsorbent and porous woods. Waterproof and stain resistant , it is ideal for preparing all types of untreated wooden flooring. Can be used also for the varnishing of doors, window frames, skirtings and other wooden objects.

Sand, clean and free the surface from grease.

Apply a uniform layer with a brush or a soft cloth.

Leave to dry for 9-12 hours then sand with 220/240 grit paper.

Apply a second coat. Total drying time: 14-20 hours.