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Артикул: BORMA-3350XX

It’s a uniforming, odorless primer, ready for use with exceptional coverage, ideal for restoring outdoor exposed wood. Its high concentration makes it possible to obtain a masking effect even on single surfaces, even on grey, stained and deteriorated surfaces, avoiding heavy washing or sanding phases. The product performs an action of protection and insulation on the treated substrate and facilitates the drafting of the next, semi-transparent finish for a natural effect, or an opaque finish for a decorative effect. Special protective agents prevent the attack of pathogens such as fungi and insects. It’s ready to use and quick to dry. Easy to apply, professional quality.

СОСТАВCode 33506 x 375mlCode 33516 x 750mlCode 33522 x 2,5LtCode 33532 x 5LtCode 3350.101 x 10LtCode 3350.201 x 20Lt

Способ применения

Mix well before use. Spread the product using a brush in abundant quantity.

In areas of the wood surface where a marked absorption of the product is observed (more disrupted wood ), apply a second coat in a few minutes (“wet on wet”). 

If necessary, repeat the treatment with more coats, with an intermediate waiting time of about 2/4 hours.

Wait for its complete drying then sand with 220 grain.

proceed with suitable finishes to enhance the product, for example: Holzwachs Lasur 3in1 for a semi-transparent natural effect, Dekorwachs Lasur 3in1 for a decorative covering effect.