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Артикул: BORMA-CDO6960XX-GL

Special finishing, proposing traditional gilding colours. Ready to use, it can be applied on wood, gypsum and metal. Ideal for furniture, frames, plaster and metallic surfaces. It grants high resistance and pleasant brilliance. 

Available in the following colors:
Ducat Gold 12 (OD)
Pale Gold 24 (OP)
Rich Gold 11 (OR)
Rich Pale Gold 23 (ORP)
Gold Chrome (OCR)
Silver Chrome (ACR)


Code CDO6960XX      – 6 x 125ml
Code CDO6961XX      – 6 x 375ml
Code CDO6962XX      – 6 x 750ml
Code CDO6963XX      – 2 x 2,5Lt
Code CDO6964XX      – 2 x 5Lt
Code CDO6964.20XX – 1 x 20Lt

Способ применения

Apply on a smooth and clean surface, free from oils, greases, waxes, silicones and old varnishes, polished and treated with a special primer.

Mix well before and during use; apply by brush, for details, or by spray, for large surfaces.