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Артикул: BORMA-CDO010FPNESEGG Категории: ,
Бренд: .


Polyurethane basecoat, special for gilding.


Code CDO010XXX.1   – 6 x 1Lt
Code CDO010XXX.5   – 2 x 5Lt
Code CDO010XXX.25 – 1 x 25Lt
FPN = Black, FPB = White, FPT = Transparent
Code CDOXXXHA.0,5   – 6 x 0,5Lt
Code CDOXXXHA.2,5   – 2 x 2,5Lt
Code CDOXXXHA.12,5 – 1 x 12,5Lt
003 = for Transparent, 007 = for Colours

Способ применения

Characterised by very good covering and superficial hardness, allows easily to obtain plain smooth surface just to emphasize subsequent metal effects. It must be catalysed with HA.003 if transparent (50% by weight) and with HA.007 if colored (40% by weight).

In a clean container, pour 100 parts of 010FPT, 50 parts of HA.003 catalyst and 20 parts of solvent (parts by weight). Mix well before use.

On a previously cleaned and degreased surface, apply the catalyzed pain by spray, taking care to uniform the product on the surface.

Apply at least 2 coats of product, from 120 gr / m2, delayed by 60-90 ‘. Then wait for the correct drying times and then sand with 280 grit paper.